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Rockwood High School Tigers

1973 Team Page

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1973 Coaches (Click Image for Larger Pic)
1973 Seniors (Click Image for Larger Pic)
1973 JC Bowl
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1973 Managers, Captains
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Row 1(L-R): Scotty Day, Darrell Cates, Kenny Russel, Richard Spradling, Danny Foster, Keith Snyder, James Nuckols, Lee McBay, Tom Wilkerson.

Row 2(L-R): Manager Joe Tankersly, Pat Cooley, Tony Hamlet, Ross Massey, Jeff Merryman, Eddie Pemberton, Rick Collett, Mike Renfro, Murel Crudup.

Row 3(L-R): Coach Mike Collier, Captain Jackie Hill, Co-Captain Randy Miller, Bob Klyce, Captain Jackie Hill, Larry Tuggle, Chris King, Bob Holcomb, George Kirkland, Assistant Coaches Clarence Holloway and C.W. Pemberton.

1973 (8-3)
Rockwood 13 Knox Young 6 W
Rockwood 7 Rhea Central 27 L
Rockwood 3 Jefferson City 19 L
Rockwood 28 LaFollette 8 W
Rockwood 16 Harriman 7 W
Rockwood 41 TMI 0 W
Rockwood 36 Lenior City 6 W
Rockwood 7 Loudon 28 L
Rockwood 16 Lake City 0 W
Rockwood 25 Scott 0 W
Rockwood 13 Meigs County (Bowl) 12 W

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