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Rockwood High School Tigers

1964 Team Page

(Click Image for Larger Picture)

1964 In Action (Click Image for Larger Pic)

Row 1(L-R)(Bottom): David Hill, Bob Cole, Cary Pelfrey, Tommy Fisher, David East, Charles Poland, Mike Evans, Johnny Hall, Keith Henley, Jim Vincient, John Rogers.

Row 2(L-R): Brad Beck, Clarence Holloway, Eddie Rudder, Tommy Owens, Steve DePietro, Dennis Miller, James Neal, Jerry Grant, Doug Hubbard, Dan Jones.

Row 3(L-R)(Top): Roger Moree, Jerry Taylor, Eddie Butler, Tommy Brown, Dennis Hixson, Tommy Butler, Thomas Gibson, Mike Harvey, Van Clowers, Don Gilliam.

Row 4(L-R)(Top): Coach Tom Pemberton, Eddie Doughty, Alan Gentry, Tommy Peacock, David Riddle, David Shadden, Mike Peters, Chuck Benjamin, Earl Monday.

1964 (1-8-1)
Rockwood 6 Clinton 6 T
Rockwood 13 Lenior City 28 L
Rockwood 12 Midway 6 W
Rockwood 12 Loudon 21 L
Rockwood 0 Cumberland County 36 L
Rockwood 12 Spring City 27 L
Rockwood 0 Rhea Central 12 L
Rockwood 0 Kingston 51 L
Rockwood 0 Oliver Springs 25 L
Rockwood 0 Harriman 32 L

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